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Integrated Physical Medicine of Joliet Team Physicians for The Plainfield Prowlers

IPM Joliet Now Team Physicians for Plainfield Prowlers Football and Cheerleading!

   The Doctors and staff at our Joliet clinic are pleased to announce that we have agreed to assist the coaches and parents of the Plainfield Prowlers in keeping their athletes in top physical condition.  A doctor or trainer will be present on the sidelines at all home games to assess injuries to determine severity and return to play.  Furthermore, our facilities and radiology equipment will be immediately accessible for more serious injuries to rule out fracture or dislocation.  We are looking forward to a safe and enjoyable season in the fall!


Prowlers Family,

We are proud to announce a partnership with the doctors of Integrated Physical Medicine to serve as our team physicians.  They will not only provide us with game day coverage but they are also able to provide you with complimentary diagnostic services.

Please see the introduction letter below from Dr. Joe Piwoszkin describing the partnership we have and types of services they will provide to participants of the Plainfield Prowlers free of charge.  This partnership is a huge benefit for our program and is one that should be taken advantage of at every opportunity.

Dr. Joe or Dr. John will be present at our parent meeting Thursday for us to introduce them.  Feel free to approach them with your questions.

Greg Pocias

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