Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is one of the most commonly used muscle relaxation techniques in the world.  Massage therapy loosens muscle, lessens adhesions between muscle fibers, and increases blood flow to the muscles being massaged. 

At IPM we have found that a combination of postural rehabilitation, gentle joint mobilization, and massage therapy can result in permanent pain alleviation and less frequent trips exacerbations of chronic conditions. 

Why Integrated Physical Medicine massage therapy?

What separates our massage therapy department from spas, home treatments, and other massage centers is that our licensed therapists work directly under the direction of a supervised IPM physician.  This means the patient gets the highest level of care and knowledge available.  Doctor-prescribed massage may also be covered under your health insurance and/or covered under flex spending accounts/health reimbursement accounts.

What does massage actually do, and why do we need it?

Massage therapy increases blood circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage, aids in the development of muscle and connective tissue reconstruction, function, and movement, while decreasing scar tissue formation and adhesions.  Our licensed massage therapists are specially trained in the following forms of therapy: Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, sport massage, effleurage, pétrissage, and/or tapotement (stroking, compression, percussion).

Massage Therapy at Integrated Physical Medicine

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Massage Therapy

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