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At Integrated Physical Medicine, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic care to each and every patient. We have included information below about the different chiropractic services offered in our chiropractic offices, but please call us our New Lenox office at 815-717-8355 or our Joliet office at 815-439-2726 or our Roselle office at 224-655-6555 if you have any questions!

Acute Care

Injuries can happen at any unexpected moment.  It is for that reason that we have a state of the art digital x-ray system available for immediate imaging of sports injuries or automobile accident patients.

Our physicians are experienced in rapid injury diagnosis and available to quickly treat or refer an acute patient for a surgical consultation or for MRI imaging or CT scan if deemed necessary.

Our approach to injuries is to decrease pain in the short term, but focuses on rehabilitation, strengthening and balance as soon as possible.   For this reason our patients return to work/play sooner and much stronger, spend less time rehabilitating injuries, and spend less money on their healthcare costs.

Chronic Care

Chronic pain can result from a history of injuries or surgeries in one’s life.   Age-related chronic pain from arthritis and joint degeneration can result in aches and pains.   Many people live with these pains assuming that nothing can be done to help them.  Most Are Wrong.

Injury or Surgery related chronic pain is often due to scar tissue or imbalance that was never addressed after the insult to the region. Scar tissue is often an issue that can be loosened with a combination of manipulation, physical therapy and massage therapy. Our chiropractic physicians specialize in balancing the body through traction and exercises often taking undue pressure off of the injury site and ending pain.

Age related chronic pain is often due to areas of the neck, back, or joints that have been under undue strain for many, many years.   This will often cause them to show signs of wear and result in severely arthritic joints as well as disc injuries.  Posture is also a primary cause of early aging of the spine.  Posture correction alleviates the excess pressure on the lower neck and lower back halting the degenerative changes and reducing pain significantly.

Wellness/Maintenance Care

Most people are on a wellness care plan with a physician right now and they do not even realize it.  Most Americans see their dentist every six months for regular cleanings.  Why?  We do this to maintain healthy teeth, a healthy gum line, and an attractive smile.  All are very important things.  It is understood that if you follow your dentist’s directions for brushing and flossing, as well as report to his office for a cleaning every six months you can “MAINTAIN” the health of your mouth.

Chiropractic and physical therapy maintenance plans are integral to avoiding recurrent spinal issues. Once the initial injury has been repaired, home stretches and exercises (“brushing & flossing”) are prescribed so that our patients know how to keep themselves healthy.

It is a lot easier to buy a new set of teeth than it is to buy a new spine!