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We value our patients' experience at Integrated Physical Medicine. 

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Integrated Physical Medicine

Integrated Physical Medicine


Integrated Physical Medicine

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Integrated Physical Medicine

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Integrated Physical Medicine

Integrated Physical Medicine



I worked in the physical therapy/sports medicine industry for 13 years...Dr. Kenny and Integrated Physical Medicine is second to none. Their level of professionalism and patient care is as good as I experienced among any of the larger corporations in the Chicago area market. Because of this and being a youth football, baseball and wrestling coach in the area, I still field many calls each week about injuries and where to send them. I can pick up the phone and call IPM at any time and they always deliver by getting these patients in for screening. I am a youth strength coach and I rely on Dr. Scott to see the athletes and adults I train when they are experiencing discomfort. Having a professional team on my side helps me deliver a level of service that my competitors cannot. My entire family has worked with IPM when they suffer any injuries. I don't trust the care of my own with anyone else.

Phil Pfeifer, MS, CSCS, PES, FMS

Owner - BEAST Training Academy

Sincerely, Phil Pfeifer


"As the owner of CrossFit Mokena, I never hesitate to send any of my athletes to Integrated Physical Medicine. IPM is professional, caring, and always takes excellent care of my members. They treat and keep my athletes in tip-top shape so they are ready to tackle another workout and reach their fitness goals.".

Christie Neighbors - owner CrossFit Mokena


Since 2012, I’ve sent almost all of my injured athletes to Dr. Scott Kenny at IPM. They’ve given regular updates to the coaches and realistic timelines on each athlete’s recovery status. I’ve also heard many athlete’s parents describe how much they trust in Dr.Scott and his team at IPM. I definitely would recommend having IPM apart of your athletic program! They’ve been the absolute best physical therapy and treatment company to work with!

Emily Broadhurst Former All-Star cheerleading gym owner/coach and high school cheerleading coach.


As a former athlete with several long term back and nerve injuries, I had been struggling to find a chiropractor that could help me improve my condition until I began going to IPM in 2013. Dr. Scott and Dr. Josh along with their staff have been a critical part of my personal wellness improvement ever since, and also have helped several of my former players as a former semi pro football coach and high school football coach. The knowledge of the doctors and therapists is very impressive, the atmosphere is very positive and fun, and the technique and equipment used by the staff is modern and effective in helping back and neck pain as well as sports injury. As a person and as a coach who saw 16 different chiropractors from 2002-2012, and only one since 2013, I highly recommend IPM for your health and the health of your family and or team. The treatment I have received from IPM has changed my life in a very positive way."

Jim Strimel - former coach for the Lincoln-Way Patriots and Providence Catholic high school football programs.


At CrossFit Plainfield, we believe that everyone has the ability to workout. At times, an old injury or even a new one will creep up and we turn to Dr. Jon of Integrated Physical Medicine (IPM) to help our athletes. Dr. Jon gets our athletes back in the gym feeling great and ready to workout in a short period of time. Dr. Jon and his staff provide excellent care.

Sandy Tannheimer

CrossFit Plainfield Gym Manager and CrossFit Coach


"My experience with IPM has been nothing but positive on every level. As a busy working mom they have been more than willing to accommodate my schedule and find time for appointments. I felt more than welcome being greeted at the door in their family-like atmosphere. The quality of care was outstanding! From the ease of setting up appointments to correcting my physical problem, IPM is an A+ practice! I would strongly suggest anyone in need of care call IPM!"

Jill Olszta M.S. CCC-SLP/L Co-Owner - Beyond Speech Therapy Specialists


“Since our day of inception, Dr. Jon Polcyn has taken care of all of our athletes and accommodates all of them with incredible care. He has provided all of our athletes and gets them back on the field as fast as possible as well as evaluating them in record fashion. We continue to work with him because he’s the best in the business”

Ben Hewett - President of Illinois Hawks/Ladyhawks Softball


Participation in youth sports has continued to increase as well as the intensity of the training and the demand of our youth athletes for year-round training. As a past President/Athletic Director of the NLYFA, youth baseball & football head coach and father of two youth athletes, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of teaming with a doctor who specializes in sports medicine when it comes to caring for injured athletes. Dr. Scott Kenny and the employees at IPM have always been trusted partners with my athletes and my own children. Dr. Kenny connects with youth athletes and always has their best interest in mind.

Mike Malito

Past President of the NLYFA

"My experience with Integrated Physical Medicine began when I pulled my back and couldn’t stand up straight or sit at my desk without constant pain. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Jon and Dr. Scott and was blown away by their desire to help get me back on my feet. From the moment I walked in until the time that I was pain free they had one thing in mind and that was to help me. 

To say they are thorough would be an understatement. They started me off with X-Rays and then went over the results in an easy to understand way. They didn’t talk over my head and when they referred to a specific area that might be causing my issues they showed me in the X-Rays, the muscular charts, and on the skeletal diagram in their office. 

I was given a very specific program to target the areas that were causing my issues and over the course of a few weeks they had me feeling normal again. I continue to use the program that was given to me on a daily basis and I am very thankful for what they have done for me. My pain is gone and I use components of my treatment as a preventative measure to make sure I never end up in that type of pain again! 

I would strongly recommend their services to my friends, my family, and anyone that needs quality Chiropractic Care. They are fantastic! 

Thank you for getting me back on my feet and helping me return to a pain free life!" 

Troy C., 34

"I had foot and elbow pain that was general discomfort. Though it was manageable, I decided to seek care from IPM Healthcare. The experience was unique and more like physical therapy than Chiropractic which I liked and found most helpful, since I had been to see Chiropractics for help and hadn't had much success. Since my experience with IPM, I have noticed better balance, much less pain, and better posture."

Kevin P., 53

"I had pain in my mid back/shoulder that would wake me up from my sleep and cause me pain throughout the day.  I also had chronic headaches for years.  I had been putting off going to the chiropractor because I was afraid of the manual adjustments.  Also, I did not want to commit to going for the rest of my life.  I wanted to be fixed permanently, not get relief temporarily.  IPM has the Pro Adjuster, which causes no trauma and actually feels good, and the therapy helps to strengthen you so that you can heal and continue to take those therapies back home with you.

I had gone to two different doctors for my headaches.  One blamed it on stress and the other thought it was sinus related.  I actually went and had a CT done to rule out anything serious.  Neither of them suggested looking into my neck/back problem.  My headaches are rare now.  I didn't even realize it was something that could be fixed.  I assumed I would just suffer from headaches for the rest of my life."

Jennifer K., 34

"I was having frequent headaches with pain in my neck and right shoulder.  At times I would have migraines with nausea and sensitivity to light, sound, and smells.  I could not function and went to bed. I was going to a chiropractor once a month for maintenance and continued to have frequent headaches and at times migraines.

The physical therapy strengthened my neck and shoulder.  This improved my posture which relieved the strain on my neck.  I feel stronger and I have not had a migraine.  Certain activities would always trigger a migraine the next day.  Now I am free to do anything, I don't need a 'buffer day'."

Catherine C., 56

Before I came to IPM, I have always struggled with low back problems.  In my consultation, they found that my neck curve was not where it should be.  I did not notice that my neck wasn't curved right, but they said it would create problems in the future.  My back however has always bothered me.  Not only did they take care of my back, but they found an issue with my neck and wanted to take a proactive approach.  My lower back hasn't been bothering me and they have given me exercises to continue with so that I will not have future problems."

Alysse S., 24 Teacher

"I was having lower back pain, tingling sensations traveling down my right leg. I would also experience numbness down my leg." "I am a very active person and the pain was stopping me from doing my daily routine.  I was afraid to move in the wrong way.  Even standing, cooking, sitting were a struggle."

"I was extremely happy to find out the whole complete approach to better wellness.  It was not just a quick fix."  "I had such wonderful results, my pain and numbness are totally gone.  I feel more fit and strong.  I was so confident in the care I received, that I referred both my husband and son."

Jackie M., 44

"I had injured my back and I was in constant pain, sitting, standing or lying down.  I was unable to pursue my normal household, garden and social activities and was in constant misery."

"I was treated with respect & kindness and was impressed with the amount of treatment time that I received and the genuine concern extended to me.  Dr. Jon was determined to get me well."

"After only two months I am without pain and am becoming more active each day."

Dorthy C., 85

"In 2006, just 5 months after the birth of my child, I was in two separate car accidents, one that was worse than the first – exaggerating the issues I was already dealing with. I had gone through physical therapy, but as time rolled on, the pain and the issues would return. Instead of continually dealing with it as I had been for five plus years, a friend recommended I see Dr. Scott and Dr. Jon."

"Their approach in treating my condition was truly 360. Dr. Scott listened to my problems and my lifestyle needs and he mapped out a plan for my treatment. Within six months, Dr. Scott, Dr. Jon and his staff all helped me strengthen my lower back AND fixed the alignment of my neck by a whole half inch! I have felt a significant difference in how I feel and how I can function!

 I am proud and very grateful to have them as a partner in my health care.”

Andi M.

"Dr. Scott is an amazing man with patience, kindness, compassion, and incredible knowledge. He has gotten me through some of the toughest times I have experienced and has also "coached" me through some major physical goals I chose to take on."

"I have never met another person in the medical field that takes that much time with his patients and gives 100% each and every visit. I would not be where I am without your support."

"IPM- I wish you nothing but good luck and I refer everyone I know in that area to you. Dr. Scott, I miss you up here!"

Amy W.

"For many years I had chronic back issues which would not improve after a certain point.  Severe flare-ups and constant pain were part of everyday life."

"Playing with my grandchildren was a chore, not a memorable activity.  I was being left out of a lot of fun."

"IPM is a great team!  Everyone is on the same page with the main goal of getting the patients well."

"Since starting with IPM my back has gone from the worst and most painful is has ever been to the best condition in the past 23 years.  I am now totally pain free and not feeling limited.  What a Blessing! My knees have responded to therapy and give me more stability, strength and mobility each day.  I also started a weight loss program with IPM which has produced outstanding results."

"I was under the care of two different chiropractors who were able to treat injuries and painful conditions but none were able to "cure" my back problems."

Richard K. Danek, 63

"I had a very sore neck and lower back problems.  The lower back problem had been ongoing for about 25 years.  The range of motion in my neck was somewhat limited.  By back had l had learned to live with.  There was a pretty consistent level of discomfort.  The new technology  for adjustment was quite unique.  I did not believe that it could work, but it does!"

"Also, the doctors' approach about taking responsibility for your own strength and well-being made lots of sense."

"The range of motion in my neck is so much better.  My lower back is in great shape due to core strengthening."

"This approach makes so much sense.  As opposed to just getting "cracked".  That does well for a short amount of time, long term results are best.  The doctors here are very concerned about your overall well-being."


"Over time, the doctors and crew have helped me greatly diminish my pain and discomfort.  In addition, the doctors and staff make me feel at home when I am there."

"The know-how of the staff is second to none.  They really give you a personal approach and care about your well-being. They are the best I've found!"

Christian P.

"When I walked into IPM I was basically a 90 degree angle.  I could not straighten my back, and I wobbled when I walked.  I had irritated my back lifting something, and two days later I was bending down getting dressed and it was like my back locked and I couldn't straighten.  Driving was difficult. I couldn't turn my body when looking to change lanes.  I drive for work, so getting in & out of my car is half my day and that was a struggle.  I even had pain and difficulty lugging my laptop around over my shoulder."  

"At IPM, Dr. Scott didn't just tell me I had a muscle spasm.  He took the time to explain to me exactly what a muscle spasm is and how it came to happen.  He explained that the goal was not only to get me feeling better, but to keep me healthy and make sure my everyday activities would not be affected by back pains."

"Every employee at IPM is caring and concerned about how their patients are coming along.  Dr. Scott, Dr. Jon, Jennifer, Alexa, Heather and Vanessa all show concern in how I am doing, and how I am improving.  Within a few days at IPM I was able to straighten my back. Through the strengthening exercises, adjustments and Ice/Stim I am not only back to normal, I am stronger in my core than before I started.

Megan M.

"I had a sharp pain under my left knee that was a result of a tear.  The issue with my knee made everyday activities like stairs, painful.  It also kept me from running, which is my favorite activity and my stress reliever."

"At IPM I was treated as a whole person, not just a left knee.  Other aspects of my health and well-being were worked on with my goals of running and hiking kept in focus.  After therapy I see results in my strength and balance.  I've been hiking and even went surfing, and I can feel myself improving with each visit. I feel as if I'm going to be stronger after all this than I ever was before my injury."

Cara G.

"My fingers on my right hand were going numb more often and becoming painful.  Within one week I could see slight improvement in the numbing of my fingers. As each week passed this became better and better.  This allowed using a pen or knife become much less painful."

"Doctors Scott and Jon truly care about the patient's health and how they can improve it. They not only help me and now my husband, but also have helped out with my 11 year old son's sprained ankle.  I trust them very much and am having my son go through acupuncture to try to ease his asthma."

Mary Kay J., 46

"I pulled a muscle in the middle of my back.  I couldn't do my daily activities without having sharp pains throughout my back. I wasn't able to work out or pick up my son without excruciating pain in my upper body."

"I thought I was going to come in, get a massage, be straightened out and be on my way. However, they took a more in depth, personalized approach to my back issue.  They stressed the importance of stretching both the upper and lower body each and every day.  By doing this it has released a lot of tension in my back and I've had no back pain since last year."

Drew K.

"I had been having headaches for 30 years, something I thought I would have to live with forever.  When I had a headache I had a hard time concentrating and it also affected my vision."

"I have been to the Headache Clinic in Chicago.  They gave me a couple of shots.  I felt ok for a little while.  I have been to my general practitioner and she gave me pills. I had been going to another chiropractor and I still had headaches."

"The treatment is different than I have had.  With the treatment and the exercises I do here make a big difference in how I feel."

Kim Mathers, Head of Operations

"I was lying in bed, on prescription medication, unable to complete daily tasks, and unable to function on a daily basis.  I was unable to get out of bed. Following the manual adjustments and the massage therapy I am able to get out of bed and complete some daily tasks.  It is still a work in progress.  This is helping more than my medical doctors."


"I was in pain all day and it was making my job as a mother and child care provider to my three children difficult.  I was not able to sleep and had a hard time driving.  IPM is unique in the way they approach a patient's condition.  They want their patients to get better, not just feel better."

"Since I have started going to IPM I am not taking Ibuprofen daily for pain, I have better range of motion and I am even feeling stronger.  I have been to several other chiropractors and they have never approached my care with such interest in fixing the problem that is causing my pain.  Other places you are in & out so fast they don't even know what you are in need of."

"I would like to thank the entire staff for their kindness & concern.  I was very nervous in the beginning & everyone was patient & friendly which made me finish my physical Therapy.  I would recommend Integrated Physical Medicine to anyone who is looking for a chiropractic service. Thank you!"

C. Richardson 

"My condition (severe pain in lower back and discomfort w/ tailbone) affected my ability to function at home as a mom and at work.  As a mom you want to pick up and carry your child, my lower back pain was preventing me to do so..."

"Very friendly and accommodating atmosphere.  Staff is always available and my appointments are always when most convenient for me."

"My back pain is at a minimum (even nine months pregnant), and I feel educated on the maintenance to keep my back strong."

"I went to one other chiropractor prior to IPM that helped for the time-being yet the pain would return the next day.  At IPM they adjust and coach me through stretches to better maintain my lower back."

A. Boldrey, 30 

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